Thus Far…

CALUE had an exciting Spring Break 2015, providing students with two amazing Service Breaks.

In Dallas, participants partnered with Crossroads Community Services where they provided nourishing food and life-skills education to the Dallas County community. dallas1

El Paso participants partnered with Annunciation House, where they were immersed in border culture and the realities of the people that live and work in the area. el paso3

The days were full of many new adventures. Students were able to meet and experience all different types of people, cultures, and communities. Students that participated gave up their spring breaks in order to partake in Service Learning. Each night time was taken to reflect on the days events and what they thought of their experiences.

Although this trip was packed with great learning experiences it was also a lot of fun. Because of the small group, students were really able to not only interact with each other, but with the guests at annunciation house. Playing games and telling stories was such an important and fun aspect of this Service Break.

By engaging students in hands-on, experiential service, the Service Breaks program allows students to appreciate the impact they can have on communities and foster a commitment to life-long active citizenship.


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