Winter 2015 SB NOLA: Day 2

What an awesome day of service here at The Village with Project Homecoming! πŸ˜„ The CALUE Service Break Participants have noticeably bonded over a long day of hard work that ended with dinner at a deli in the French Quarter in NOLA! I must say that even after only two nights dining in the heart of New Orleans, the food here is definitely as rich as the culture. We began our day with cereal and coffee before we participated in the Project Homecoming orientation. Once we were assigned our volunteer site, we headed over as a team and immediately began to contribute to the home building process. We were busy working on installing doors as well as wall trim. Although it took a little while for all of us to get the hang of our assigned tasks, we learned quickly and immediately began making a huge impact on the home building process. Before we knew it, it was time to head back in order to complete the assigned afternoon chores. The morning and afternoon chores for the week have been split evenly between ourselves and members of the other group of about 40 volunteers from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette that are also here on site with us this week. Working together helped everyone feel much more comfortable with one another as the day went on, which helped everyone have a better time together overall. Afterwards, we went and ate dinner at a hole-in-the-wall deli called Verti Marte which serves some of the most renowned Po’ Boy sandwiches in New Orleans!! I don’t think anyone will have any problem getting to sleep tonight after such an eventful day! Continue to stay posted in order to hearing about our week from the rest of the CALUE Service Break participants!

Carlos Acosta

Proud TTU CALUE Service Break Participant

Β Β 


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