Winter 2015 SB NOLA: Day 3- Part 1

It’s day 3 in New Orleans and I am having an absolute blast. This morning our TTU CALUE team cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon for both groups staying at the village for project homecoming. Afterwards, we headed to our site to pick up where we left off on construction. My group (consisting of Ryan, Lorena, Nataly and myself) has been working on baseboard trim to circle the floors of each room/closet. I’ll be the first to admit that building a home is definitely not as glamorous or simple as I thought it was. It’s both physically and mentally exhausting, from working on your hands and knees for hours on end to figuring out the correct measurements for each piece of the “house puzzle.” But I’ll also be the first to say that it is all so worth it. It is worth my time. It is worth how tired I feel after 8 hours of work each day. It is worth it all, just to know that God has blessed us by giving us an opportunity to bless someone else. I am beyond thankful to have been giving the chance to come out to NOLA and serve this week. I can’t think of any other way I’d rather spend my Christmas break. I urge my friends and family to pray for me and my group as we continue to build Ms. Connie’s new home. Pray that we continue to persevere past the fatigue and keep our eyes on the prize of making someone else’s dream a reality. Lastly, pray that God gets all the glory in this. Let people see him through me because without him, I know none of this would be possible.
Thank you for all the on-going support & love! Look out for more updates about all the cool things we’re getting into throughout the week from my other CALUE friends.
Sincerely, Ashley Wasswa


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