Winter 2015 SB NOLA: Day 4-Part 2

Day 4 is coming to an end and as I lay down I think little of my tired aching body and more about one of the most satisfying days I have ever had. The group proceeded to complete our daily chores and soon after, we arrived at the site that we have worked on for the last few days. The small group composed of Carlos, Walker, and myself has improved tremendously as we learned to install doors. Our growing trust in each other allows us to produce better quality work in a more efficient manner. An especially significant treat today, however, was meeting our homeowner, Ms Connie. Ms. Connie told us her story with an incredible passion and feeling. Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, she was still able to tell her story in a way that painted a vivid picture in my head. Her stories and the way she told them were enough to make everyone’s eyes tear up, including mine. Her tales were not only moving, but filled with well informed facts and ideas that may have shifted the focus of some of my life goals, in other words, listening to her speak is life changing. She was as motivating as she was grateful for our volunteer work. Dan, our site leader, informed us before her arrival that she would bring us some food. I did not imagine ,however, that she would bring us all enough for a full meal. It is incredible how a person who does not have a home, and so little to give, would be the one to give the most. Even more impressive, is her spunky attitude and positive outlook on life. I’ve learned so much in these four days in New Orleans. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to teach me. 


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