Spring 2016 SB_Corpus Christi: Day 1

The road trip from Lubbock started great. We picked up a group member in San Antonio and met up with another here in Corpus Christi. You could instantly feel the humidity the first time we got out of the van, which means, we were close to the beach! After settling down in our hotel rooms, we headed to the Texas SeaLife Center where we met Amanda Terry, the director of the Wildlife Rescue Organization. Amanda was excited to give us a quick tour of the place and show us some of the projects we would be working on. We saw only a fraction of the animals that were at the center because many were already eating dinner and going to sleep for the night. The center is run exclusively through donations and volunteer work, which makes it challenging financially, especially since they have only been operational for about two years. I am excited to help with some of the projects, which include: landscaping, rebuilding cages, and working with sea turtles! We already saw numerous rescued animals that were possibly on the brink of life and death, and I cannot wait to start making a difference!


Claudio Bustos, Site Leader


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