Spring 2016 SB_Corpus Christi: Day 2 (Part 1)

Today was our first day actually working at the Texas Sea Life Center, and our morning started pretty early (too early if you ask me…) with a good ole trip to HEB, which I’ve only been in a few times ever, so that was an adventure in itself. Once we got to the center, we finished a bunch of little projects that had been sitting stagnant for a while- planting, gathering trash, rolling up a HUGE fishing net, pruning palm trees, making owl toys, and a bunch of other stuff. The people who volunteer for the center are so sweet (especially Pam); it’s crazy to see how much work and time they put into the cause- they aren’t even paid! What really took the cake for the day though, was meeting my new best friends (pictured). That snake is the LOML (Love of My Life), no joke. Not to mention, if you’re looking to buy some cute animal knick-knacks for a steal, take a little drive on over to Corpus and pick yourself up some sweet sea turtle souvenirs, best purchase I’ve ever made. And to end to the day, we headed over to Mustang Island State Park, chilled by the beach, and got some pretty rad Italian seafood, served to us by a real deal Italian guy. Even though the weather was misty, humid, and cloudy, I had an awesome first full day here on the coast and am excited to see what else we’re gonna get done this week!

Summer Beckworth, TTU CALUE SB Participant


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