Spring 2016 SB_Corpus Christi: Day 2 (Part 2)


The day started out cleaning out debris from other projects around the center. Then we moved on to some palm tree pruning. Well I know what tree pruning is like, and so what could be so difficult? Well just after the first few branches, one of the palms came down unexpectantly, and the barbs on the stems are pretty sharp; so guess who was nearby, Claudio, the site leader.., I had a few get stuck on me too. I was also able to “pet” an albino snake, pretty cool, I only need to do this once though. After a few other projects got done for the day, we met a local volunteer at the local county park. She has been rehabilitating a nearby area with palms, oak trees, butterfly attracting plants and other native species in order to bring more wildlife to the area. It was pretty neat to see how other people promote habitats like the USDA does in, promoting honeybee habitats. Next, my white “unseen by the light of day” legs went to the beach at Mustang Island State Park and went swimming in the ocean. Since it was overcast and hazy the water was cold but I still swam for awhile and dodged the big waves that were rolling in. The day ended with a very good spaghetti supper at a local restaurant.

Ross Myers, TTU CALUE SB ParticipantIMG_0079



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