Spring 2016 SB_Waco: Day 1

Our stay at World Hunger Relief (WHR) in Waco, Texas, is off to a great start. The drive was a little longer than expected which gave us more time to get to know each other. The car ride was filled with conversation about everything from global hunger to our various travel experiences. We even found out that our Trip Advisor, Dr. Kristopher Childs, occasionally DJs for friends and weddings. After a quick lunch break at Chick-fil-A, we arrived at the World Hunger Relief farm. We were met by the TTU Waco campus director, Dr. Lewis Snell who joined us, for our WHR tour, given by the WHR volunteer coordinator, Dirk. We learned how the farm works, saw a bunch of animals, and got to move into our living space. We are staying in a structure built to look like a Nicaraguan home, sleeping on the floor, using outhouses, and outdoor rainwater showers. Needless to say, more than a little bit of an adjustment for our group. After our tour, we said goodbye to Dr. Snell and began work with Dirk manually planting a corn field. We worked for about two hours and came away with blistered hands, sore muscles, but lots of smiles! A quick trip to the store to pick up groceries for breakfast, and most of us were off to bed in anticipation of our 6:30 a.m wake up time for morning chores. Stay posted to see daily updates for the rest of our stay here at WHR!

Alex Cathey, Site Leader


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