Spring 2016 SB_Corpus Christi: Day 3

Today was our second day at the SeaLife Center. We helped to organize and sort through the center’s storage shed and closet. The boys started work moving an osprey roost to a higher location (since the ospreys won’t/haven’t been using it at its current height). I was mostly organizing, cleaning, and tossing out junk. I also appointed myself the new lead photographer for the trip (photos take awhile to upload on the hotel wifi, so those will come later in this blog). We decided to save the second half of the osprey roost project for tomorrow morning, we put up some fresh bamboo fencing and called it a day. We spent the rest of the day at the Texas State Aquarium. Their animals were lovely, I really loved the way the different fish tanks were set up to (very realistically!) mimic various environments in the gulf region. I really appreciated that the aquarium specialized in regional wildlife, and really emphasized in every display the importance of conservation and the important and positive impact an individual can have on the environment. I think the aquarium is very effective in encouraging visitors to do their parts for the Texas coast, and honestly what more important work can an aquarium do? It’s the work that we’re down here doing too!

Haley Swanson, TTU CALUE SB Participant 


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