Spring 2016 SB_Corpus Christi: Day 4 (Part 2)

Today was the fourth and last work day in our trip. I was so excited about finishing the project that we started the day before. We headed to the SeaLife Center after we had our breakfast at the hotel. We started our work with putting a fence on one of the center’s sides. After that we started thinking about how we were going to move a tall and heavy bird’s tower from its place to the new place. It was not easy to take it off the day before and it was a challenge to move it to the new place. With the help of everyone in the center we were able to do it after many trials. Actually one time I thought it was going to fall down while we were pushing it up but finally we did it! We headed back to the hotel after we were done with the project to take some rest before dinner. We decided to go to Burger Company to meet with the SeaLife center crew because they were going there for dinner. I had so much fun that night. The restaurant had a great atmosphere, the food was good, and we had so much fun talking to each other. I really enjoyed working in the SeaLife Center with the new friends that I have made. One of the things that I learned in this trip is how important the group work is and how it can get so much done. I am proud being a volunteer and I believe that we get more than we give by volunteering.

Amr Abdelshafy, TTU Corpus Christi SB Participant


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