CALUE SB: Laredo (Day 2)

First day in our trip was definitely a great experience. I started the day with some coffee and muffins before we headed out to the work site. We went to the site early to meet with Mr. Cuco and the other group. He gave us a quick view over a sample home that they built. He showed us what is expected from us and what we will be working on for today. After that we divided into groups and were assigned different projects. Me and my group were working on building a garage. We did a lot of different things like cutting the wood, nailing and taking some measurements. we had a break in the middle of the day for lunch. They prepared soup with a sandwich for us and it was really good! I didn’t feel tired or bored the whole day because we were talking and joking almost the whole time. All of the crew we were working with were really nice and friendly. We were like one big family working together. What really made my day was the dinner that we made when we came back to the church we are lodging at for the week. We got the chance to talk and get to know each other more.I really enjoyed our first day and I’m excited for more to come.
– Amr Abdelshafy


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