CALUE SB: Laredo (Day 3)

Hi, the day’s activities here on the Winter Service Break Laredo Day 3:

Some landscaping in the back yard, cleaning the driveway, building the roof on the shed, just partially completed; unloading plywood sheets to be used later, finishing up minor work on retaining walls between adjacent lot, were just some work items today. The experiences seem to get better as we work beside the adults at the site. The camaraderie of the Habitat for Humanity family, which includes the Americorp adults, and the construction site manager, gets better. As we are working, it doesn’t seem possible that this is the third day, already half way through the week of working in Laredo. The notion that we have an impact on this group of people, meeting for such a short time, seems so inadequate. As the real impact is on our lives and the relationships that we have built. The fist bumps, hugs, taps on the shoulders of appreciation make the whole experience so much better for everyone. We clean up the site of tools before leaving each day, but it’s the time spent visiting, laughing and seeing smiles and trying to absorb the conversations with all the discussions that are taking place at once between individual and groups of people, hoping you don’t miss a word because maybe at some point in life, we may never know how important those words may come to make life so much more enjoyable for everyone we may encounter from now on.
Laredo Texas

Ross Myers


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