CALUE SB: Laredo (Day 5-6)

Our final day with the habitat crew was filled with emotion since we all knew our time in Laredo was coming to an end. We spent the morning and early afternoon working at the job site of the Aguilar family home, putting up siding on their shed and nailing in fire blocking and support boards throughout the structure of the home. We broke early to prepare for the fiesta that the Habitat Laredo team put together for our entire group, the families, and other employees from their offices. We have all come to know the Habitat Laredo team as a very warm and inviting group, so when Mrs Aguilar, the Habitat site coordinator, Liz, and a construction team member, Kim along with others showed up with boxes of supplies and food to begin preparing a few hours early, we were not at all surprised. They began working away in the kitchen and before we knew it there was more food for everyone than we could eat. Salad, tostadas, authentic enchiladas, mole, and many different kinds of salsa and peppers were followed by a jello dessert and homemade ice cream from our own team member Ross! We all laughed and joked about how each time we saw the bottom of our plates, more food was brought out of the kitchen to refill. Games, dancing, and many many more laughs followed as well as a tour of the Texas A&M International University campus, the city of Laredo, and the Mexican American border. We all tried our hardest to prolong our time together but eventually had to say goodbye for the night and get rest for the long drive home to Lubbock the following morning. Our group of seven has said more times and in more ways than I can count, that this trip has been so much more than we could have imagined. The generosity, gratitude, warmth, and patience in teaching on our job site shown by the Habitat crew and Aguilar family has made for an unforgettable service trip to Habitat Laredo, leaving many of us looking forward to the next time we have the opportunity to visit the families, staff, and relationships formed during our week in Laredo Texas.

-Alex Cathey


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