CALUE SB 17′: Grand Canyon Day 2

Today was a pretty long day filled with lots of learning. We started off the morning with learning about our duties and the information we need to tell the visitors. After a few hours of that, we went and walked around with the Grand Canyon people (Pam and Jamie) and saw some of the parking lots. Then we got to shop around at the market plaza and eat lunch. I got a lot of cute souvenirs and I know a lot of other people did too! After lunch, we went with Pam and Jamie again to the visitor center to see all the parking lots over there. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day because the lots are all pretty big and there were TONS of people after 11am and pretty much no spots to park after 2pm. I hope that everything runs smoothly but we shall see! After that, we went to the village and it showed us just how few spots were available. Then we FINALLY got to go to the rim and see the canyon with Ranger Todd and it was so beautiful. We all took a lot of pictures and then eventually went back to the house we’re staying at, and all relaxed for a bit, made dinner, and did reflection as a group. I’m excited to see how things go tomorrow even though I’m also nervous. I hope that we will make a good and meaningful impact on the canyon this week and I’m ready to see how we all work together in pairs and as a group! Here’s to a good week 😊

Avriel Pietsch


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