CALUE SB: Spring 17′ Grand Canyon Day:1

Hello loyal followers,
Today was the officially unofficial day 1 of our trip, which mostly consisted of a drive that was originally supposed to last 11 hours but after countless bathroom breaks, ended up being more like 14 (or if you wanna get technical, 12 because of Arizona’s lack of time change). Whilst I slept for a vast majority of the trip, the times I were awake for, were filled with hilarious banter, riveting political talks, super gorgeous scenery (after you get past Albuquerque), way cool but very ugly dinosaur statues, bombardments of signs for gas station stops, and some interesting German music. Once we got to Flagstaff, we had our own little adventure through Safeway for our week’s food supply (that we didn’t plan very well for apparently), and headed on up to the National Park to be greeted by Ranger Todd. He first drove us by some run down little shacks that he scared us into thinking we were staying at, then proceeded to lead us to our AMAZING little mini mansion where we’d actually be staying, gave us the run down on everything we needed to know for our week here at the Grand Canyon, and quizzed us to earn swag that he pronounced “schweg”. We didn’t do too much today, but I’m so excited to get started with our orientation class tomorrow and see the actual canyon on a special trip Todd has planned for us! More to come!

Summer Beckworth


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