CALUE Spring SB 17′: Grand Canyon Day 6

Friday was our last official day of volunteering and it could not have ended any other better way. We started off the morning with a talk about special use permits, commercial use authorizations, what circumstances require one, and the challenges the Commercial Services department faces with these requests. Once it was time, we split into our pairs and went to our designated parking lots. For majority of the day, it was pretty relaxed and not too much traffic. At the end of our work day, we came together and discussed any suggestions, improvements, or advice on how the park can get a better handle on the parking situation. After saying our goodbyes to Pam, we made some quick stops to several gift shops.

I ended up buying a Swiss Army knife with my name engraved on the side. During the week, I also bought a pin with the Desert View watchtower, South Kaibab Trail sticker, and Grand Canyon postcard. The pin and sticker were for the places we visited and hiked. As for the postcard, I had all my friends, Todd, and Jamie sign it for a keepsake. Once we arrived back to our cabin, Todd arrived and initiated us as Junior Park Rangers with a shield and patch. It was a bit emotional. He also gifted each of us with a photo of ourselves on Monday overlooking the canyon with written messages from all the employees we met through the week.

The staff at the park are for sure the best people I have ever worked along with. They made my first visit to the Grand Canyon an unforgettable one. The dedication and passion they have for their work is an inspiration, and I can only hope that I will have a career that brings out the best of me as it does for them. If you are ever in need of a place to volunteer your time and enjoy the sights while doing it, I would strongly encourage you to choose the Grand Canyon National Park as your destination.



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