CALUE Spring SB 17′: Grand Canyon Day Day 4:

On Wednesday March 15 we met with deputy superintendent Brian Drapeaux. His words rang strong and true and inspired me greatly. His quote “Don’t let being humble anchor you” stood out to me the most. I believe this was very influential and great words to live by. Often times, we find ourselves focusing heavily on our faults and not directing enough attention to our accomplishments. Deputy superintendent Brian, however makes it his mission to find these hidden jewels who work for him and teach them to stand with their heads held tall. Though many people don’t wish to showcase their talents it is important to be proud of yourself to develop fully and holistically. His words have taught me that it is necessary to own your skills. To be proud of yourself and not shy away from who you are. By setting this example within himself, he also leads by example. He builds up those around him and maximizes their talents. This leads to a more productive and overall positive experience for his workers and for those like me who have had the pleasure of talking with him.



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