That’s a Wrap! CALUE SB 17′: Grand Canyon 

I am writing this in a car being serenaded by Claudio. My week in the Grand Canyon National Park was nothing short of amazing. I’ve loved getting to know all the wonderful people who came here with me, there wasn’t a dull moment all week. The people we met while at the park taught us so much about not only the National Park Service and the Grand Canyon, but also their history, the behind-the-scenes aspects, and A LOT about parking. A special shout out to Jamie and Pam for making our time in the Canyon so enjoyable and giving us the chance to make a difference in the park by walking around parking lots all day. It’s awesome to see how much work goes into the park to make it what it is- concessions contracts, asset management, volunteer services, parking and bus systems, and so much more we didn’t get the chance to delve into. I couldn’t have given my time to a better cause this spring break and I will remember the memories, people, and most importantly, the candid pictures for the rest of my life.


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