Sunday FUNday!

Checking in from Costa Rica! This trip has been amazing thus far. My blog post will be about the differences in culture that have really stuck out to me.

  1. People– The people of Costa Rica are so friendly and genuine. They have really made adapting to the “Costa Rican” ways, much easier than it could have been. The people we have been able to enjoy from Costa Rica are German (our group leader), Older (our bus driver), Valerie (manager of Verdiazul), and Joss (full-time employee of Verdiazul). Each were kind and patient, even when they probably should not have been.
  2. Food– The food here has been hard to adjust to because there is not much variation. There is not Italian food one day, Chinese food the next day, and then Mexican food the day after that. We have had rice, fruit, and salad with each meal along with a different meat. No seasoning and no sauce. Very bland, but it has been good.
  3. Climate– This has been the hardest to adjust to. The humidity here is unbelievable, and I will never get used to it. I have often been saying, “I have never sweated this much in my life.” Right now, it is winter or rainy season (May to mid-November), which means it is beautiful in the mornings and rainy in the afternoon. But thank goodness, it has not been raining every afternoon.
  4. Community Lifestyle– Junquillal’s community is awesome. As a community, they have really come together to help with sea turtle conservation. The atmosphere of everyone coming together is so refreshing and really makes it easier to work in such a hard environment. Some other things I have noticed: There are dogs roaming EVERYWHERE; there are bars on all windows of houses; there are fences around all houses; everyone has their doors open music playing.

Adapting to other cultures is often difficult, but luckily, Costa Rica’s transition has been easy and awesome. The days are winding down and I cannot wait to see what the rest of this trip has in store for us. Stay tuned!



Kennadee Buchanan


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